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Building relationships with your customers as a customer success manager

Sometimes Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are so busy in the business's project management and day-to-day activities that they lose sight of the original goal of their job: to

build a strong relationship with customers. If You want to be a successful CSM (Customer Success Manager), you must learn the art of building long-lasting, trust-based relationships with your customers so you can sell them your products and services on the go. Building relationships is more crucial in SaaS companies where you need to retain your customers in the more significant interest of your business.

It doesn’t matter how incredible your services and products are; customers won’t stick around if you don’t build a solid and powerful working relationship with them. It wouldn't be wrong to say that building strong relationships with customers is a key to becoming a successful Customer Success Manager.

Productive Ways to build a strong relationship with the customers in Your CSM Role

Always Prioritize Your Customers

The first step of building a strong working relationship with your customers is prioritizing them. Hear their queries and use your experience and training to satisfy them. Always try your best to exceed customer expectations. Listen to your customers and shape their decisions to better fit their needs. Your customers will feel better when their needs are taken care of, and they will start trusting you.

Follow Up Quickly – Even if the news is not good.

If your customer reaches you with an issue, comment, or question, follow up as quickly as you can. This not only shows customers that you are aware of their needs, but it reinforces the overarching theme of putting the customer first. Don't feel bad if you are going to send bad news or negative answer to your customer; it's just a part of your job that your customer will understand very easily. While giving a response to your customer, you must keep your tone confident and deliver your message straightforward with all possible solutions. Your customer will appreciate you for being a straightforward and a solution finder.

Keep Your Customers engaged if the product has any issues.

For a true value-based relationship with your customers, you must keep them in the loop with product issues. They are paying for the product you’re providing them; therefore, they deserve to get the information about any issues or setbacks. Just remember that you have to earn the trust of your customers if you want to be trusted because it’s always a two-way street. You should be able to trust your clients to work with you through issues.

Always keep trying to learn more about Your customers’ needs

An experienced and professional CSM is one who knows about the customers and their needs very well. You should try your best to learn about the events shaping your customer's life. You can tell the benefits of your products to the customers only when you know about their potential needs and desires.

Never Make Promises You can’t fulfill

Being a professional Customer Success Manager, making promises is a part of your job, but making false promises can mar the relationship between You and Your customers with distrust. When you make false promises to your customers, they would feel deceived and never come back again towards you. Always keep in mind that your customers are smart people. They will easily find out if you're lying or trying to cover something. So always stay honest with your customer. If you can do work before a deadline, just don't try to appease your customers and tell them the truth that you can't do it. It will build a relationship of trust between you and your customer.

Take Every Decision in the Maximum Interest of Your customer's goals.

It's a good thing to focus on the growth and progress of Your business, but also keep in mind that Your success is associated with Your customers' success. If your customers are happy, no one can stop you from taking your business to the glory of success. So, if you want to achieve your business goals, help your customers in achieving their goals.

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