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Wesley Gomez

Soundfont Full Alesis D4 13 Fix

despite all this, it's still a very attractive product, especially if you consider that it has the potential to sit alongside and replace your daw. the big barrier to doing this isn't so much performance as it is ease of access. after all, a computer does very little for you if all you can play is your synth. you have to learn how to use it and this is not something we have tried. my wife is very sympathetic to the idea of building a jig from a bigger pack of components but we haven't got the time or the room for that right now. there are a number of things the alesis fusion does that will make it easier than the competition to get up to speed with. firstly, it can be set to synchronous mode, which means that when you apply an incoming midi signal, all the notes play at the same time and there is no pressing of the play button, as might be the case when you press the record button on your computer synth. this is very helpful, but make sure you play with headphones on to allow this to work properly. secondly, there is a 4-track recorder that is designed for recording 4-track stereo drums, vocal and guitar, with the guitar sound split by channel. this is the first small studio synth i've ever seen that offers more than just the two stereo channels you get with a normal 4-track tape recorder and in terms of ease of use, it's something you can actually use. finally, as a stand-alone application, the fusion has a very user-friendly and complete user-interface. you have a view of the tracks, the filter curves, the step sequencer, the mixer, the program manager, the memory card manager, the mixer controls, the arpeggiator and there are a number of 'utilities' on the top toolbar. this is, in my book, more like a rack with slots, than a typical top-of-the-line desktop synth. but it's easy to learn (so long as you read the manual) and really, if you like the idea of starting with a smaller, self-contained synth, or if you already have an existing synth that you are happy with and want to dip into a new studio world, the alesis fusion will give you plenty of scope to experiment with.

Soundfont Full Alesis D4 13

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