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The Rookie Season 5 - Episode 4 =LINK=

This episode delivered in terms of action, twists, and raising the stakes. I am glad Bailey survived but it must have been traumatizing. The whole event must have not been easy on Lucy who went through a similar ordeal courtesy of Rosalind.

The Rookie Season 5 - Episode 4

The Rookie is an American police procedural television series created for ABC by Alexi Hawley. The series follows John Nolan, a man in his forties, who becomes the oldest rookie at the Los Angeles Police Department. The series is produced by ABC Studios and Entertainment One; it is based on real-life Los Angeles Police Department officer William Norcross, who moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and joined the department in his mid-40s. In May 2021, the series was renewed for a fourth season which premiered on September 26, 2021.[1][2] On March 30, 2022, ABC renewed the series for a fifth season which premiered on September 25, 2022.[3][4]

John Nolan is a man in his 40s who, after some life-changing events, packs up his belongings and moves to Los Angeles to become a cop. Season One picked up his story just after he graduated from the police academy, when he was assigned to the Mid-Wilshire division along with two other rookies.

At the end of Season One, Nolan had been in the field with his Training Officer for six months, and he and the other rookies were facing a Training Evaluation exam that would decide whether they could continue in the department. As of the first episode of Season Two, all three rookies have passed the exam, some with better scores than others.

In the Season Four opener, Angela has been taken to Guatemala to be held hostage by La Fiera until the former gives birth, after which La Fiera plans to kill Angela and keep the baby. Sergeant Grey and a team of LAPD take on the dual tasks of finding and rescuing Angela and apprehending a man who killed one of their own during the kidnapping. As the season progresses, Wesley confronts the consequences of a deal he made with a crime boss, Nolan finally exits the FTO and starts a relationship with Bailey, and Harper takes on a new rookie.

On Jan. 3, both the flagship series and its spin-off, The Rookie: Feds, make their mid-season winter premieres with back-to-back crossover episodes that see John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) and Simone Clark (Niecy Nash) teaming up, along with their colleagues at the LAPD and the FBI, to solve a bank robbery that goes haywire. EW has your exclusive first look at the episodes, via photos and a clip.

There's also some outstanding questions from their fall finales. In the case of Feds, we're anxious to know if Agent Garza (Felix Solis) is okay after collapsing in a cemetery in the final moments of the most recent episode. The Rookie didn't leave us hanging quite so badly, but we're still dying to know how Tim (Eric Winters) and Lucy's (Melissa O'Neill) date goes.

HAWLEY: I just loved how in episode 9, how much of a family they've become in such a short amount of time and how they really did risk everything to try and save him. We'll definitely carry that love for him forward as he's going through whatever the aftereffects or repercussions of dropping at the graveside are.

You guys have found ways to weave characters from both shows across the series all season. Can you tell me how this crossover event might differ from those pop-ups that we've had all fall?

HAWLEY: Well, this at heart a case crossover. We do have characters who do cross from one of the shows to the other, but ultimately, the case that gets launched in The Rookie episode 10 takes a hard turn in Feds episode 10. There is a satisfying conclusion to a certain extent in The Rookie, and then it gets handed off to Feds as it goes to separate direction.

WINTER: And our favorite feds get the assist from our favorite former rookie at the LAPD. Nolan is going to join our federal agents to take on the handoff of what happens at the end of The Rookie and carry it forward and ask more questions. It takes us into a new mystery, which, we hope to conclude in a very exciting and satisfactory way.

HAWLEY: Ultimately it was important to get there in an organic way. He was her superior and her training officer for several years on the show. The 13 months of her rookie year were two and a half seasons of our show. We couldn't just jump right into it. Once we started to go down that road with Dim and Juicy and the undercover work and everything, the last thing I would want to do is rush it or to do it in a way that felt surface. Audiences like romance; that's what they want more than anything. The big Chenford fans have always seen this as romance, even when it's not on the page, so to speak. But we've got to a place now where we have to keep going forward with it. There will have to be obstacles, there will have to be drama, there will have to be stuff, but never in a manipulative way. That would be really mean to the audience.

WINTER: There's no shipping yet on Feds that's taken me off guard. But just like on The Rookie, we like to let these things organically happen. We get surprised with the journey of our characters, how they take shape as they go. Being on The Rookie, for instance, when I started on season 1, Alexi didn't plot for Chenford to happen. That wasn't an original game plan that Alexi had moving forward, but it happened organically. Alexi was really smart and wise in how he didn't rush it, didn't force us, just let it come about naturally. So, we'll see what happens. We don't want to rush anything on Feds, but there's nothing yet that has taken me off guard.

HAWLEY: Romance has been baked a little bit more into the DNA of Feds. It probably is more conducive because it operates in more the one-case or two-case landscape, so there's room for that to breathe. But even back in episode 4 with Mark Atlas (Deniz Akdeniz) and Laura (Britt Robertson) and that hotel sequence, which was really great, or Brendon (Kevin Zegers) and Antoinette (Devika Bhise). You hire actors, and if they have real chemistry, you lean into it. I do think that we've been a little more overt in our romantic storytelling.

HAWLEY: To be fair, it was a foreclosed, condemned house. That's one of my favorite things that we did is the house was actually a character in season 2. It had its own arc, which I thought was great. But ultimately, he helps out his friends and it's a little bit of a side hustle, but you can't say no to Simone when she asks you for help.

WINTER: Yes, absolutely. Simone carries herself [with] a lot of confidence, and one of the things that we're going to be playing with in the back-half of the season is the nervousness and anxiety of being a probationary agent. What's nice about this check-in that she gets to have with John is that she gets to be reminded that it's okay to feel this out this way. It's okay to be where you are right now and to keep pushing forward. That's one of the wonderful things that relationship has because he's someone who has been in similar shoes and she can confide in him. Also, there's not that same issue of, "I'm confiding in someone who I work with at the FBI." This is someone who's at the LAPD. This is my friend who's been in this similar circumstance. They have a very special relationship, and it's nice to touch base with them again. We're going to do it again later in the season as well. Because that relationship is gold, seeing those two together.

He's always been wise, particularly because he was older than a lot of the other folks he was coming in with, but would you say that that's something John's getting more comfortable with as well? We saw him really be there for his rookie at the end of the fall half of the season.

WINTER: He always has a point of view and he's not afraid to ask tough questions. Once construction begins, I'm sure there will be ongoing conversations and debates and discussions about how to proceed. Cutty doesn't mince words, but he has found a fondness for John Nolan, even though he does have a very complicated relationship with the LAPD coming from the backdoor pilot that we did in season 4. Nolan has a little bit of a special place in Cutty's heart, as well as Simone's.

Synopsis: The rookies are temporarily paired with new training officers, and Officer Nolan is paired with Officer Lopez. When Nolan and Lopez track down an escaped criminal, they discover a little kindness goes a long way. Meanwhile, Jackson is forced to face his fears when he is partnered with Officer Bradford, while Officer Chen and Nolan must face a hard truth. (TVGuide)

Bishop and Chen manage to catch the red Civic and Grey catches the other dealer making this big bust a success. Grey brings them all together afterward to hear about the information the rookies dug up on their TOs. The rookies all reveal they were unable to get insight into their TOs, protecting their privacy and show solidarity. Nolan confronts Bishop about meddling in his relationship and she tells him to not put her in a situation that would jeopardize her career. The episode ends with Chen and Nolan coming together and mutually deciding to end their relationship to protect their careers.

Overall, this was a good episode. The switch up of the pairings allowed for some new dynamics to shine through and really let these characters continue to grow. Each one has their own skeletons to deal with and the other characters give them a different perspective and type of support needed for their situations showing the strength these people have when they trust in each other. The multiple cases format continues to be a unique aspect of this show that never ceases to bring enough entertainment every week. 041b061a72


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