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You Can Change Gryffin !!TOP!!

Gryffin: I would say to stick to your true self. Don't try to feel like you need to change who you are, what your interests are, or what you're into, just to appease people. Stay genuine and true to who you are, and that's going to be the best way to cut through all the noise. Find your strengths in what you want to say. As an artist, I always have a mission statement for my music when I was starting. I always wanted to make uplifting but emotional dance music that had a lot of electronic sounds in it while also being organic. I always wanted piano and guitar to be the focus of the music. Having a really strong identity of what I wanted the Gryffin music to be about, what I wanted it to say, is really big early on. I encourage a lot of artists to have an identity or a mission statement for what kind of art they want to put out and what they want to say.

You Can Change Gryffin

A phone camera or a small point and shoot without interchangeable lenses is fine to bring in. No video cameras (Go-Pros are ok, but no poles or extenders) or professional cameras will be allowed into the event.

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gryffin at the corona theatre in montreal. crazy amazing visuals, its awesome to see him live because of his performance of live instruments makes it a different experience than other djs. visuals aleas synchronize withthe beat and rhythm. its my third time watching him live and seeing him grow and man he never disappoints keep rocking dude

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