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Philip Galkin
Philip Galkin

[X-Plane] 737-200 Hack Torrent

it works! i was using their 21gb example but mine worked fine with the 8gb one. you also need to make sure you have the proper file ready to go. i used the example folder with the proper.vesa and.nv settings.

[X-Plane] 737-200 hack torrent

the older x-plane releases were generally not set to framebuffer rendering. if you set the startup settings vgahack to framebuffer rendering, and then turn off software rendering, you can even directly overclock the fsb to match the ram.

unfortunately only the wayland backend works on intel with opengl, and right now that is only wayland on linux (i think only). in the future an amd offload will make things better, but for now it's a dead end for non-intel x11.

thanks for the great work! i use this on my macbook pro. as you have pointed out it does require ack. it also works with x11, but at half the framerate. however most people on here would get the idea of using ack for advanced graphics settings.

i think i have sorted it out. i was not using ack. i have, however, noticed something strange. i can get excellent frame rates (up to 2 or 3 frames a second) with ack enabled but the keys are skipping between the 0 and 9 keys on the numeric keypad.

here's what i did. i did not disable the "fuzz" option in the preset in x11 but i set the display to 800x600. this had no effect on my macbook pro but i do not have a macbook air. i run x11 on my macbook pro and it's on 10.11.5. my windows 10 machine is running windows 10 pro 1803.

hey guys, thanks for this. great resource. i just tested the tile and it doesn't crash x-plane. i'd be interested to hear what the problems where (using cached tiles). i downloaded the free arco osm and it worked perfectly. looking forward to using this for parts of utah and new mexico. much appreciated!


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