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Philip Galkin
Philip Galkin

Huawei E3372 Change Imei UPD

Hi.Sorry cant say for sure..But I can tell you I own a H version, with Stick mode provided from the ISP, never needed to convert this one ( marked as H ) but with v21.x firmware, maybe was my ISP request from huawei. But in other hand, I got some E3372 with S marked but with Hlink firmware v22. ( got them from some aliexpress dealer )In fact the ones marked as S ( from aliexpress ), I just follow the H steeps ( balong usb loader ) to get it in stick mode.These 2 are mine, never been modified, H and S version marked on sticker, but both are in S mode from ISP, pretty same external case, one black other white case.e3372sh436774 79.2 KB

Huawei E3372 Change Imei


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