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Shaun Surveillance - Need Some Space _VERIFIED_

"This is a first-of-its-kind partnership in the children's retail space" said Maegan Markee, Senior Vice President, Marketing at The Children's Place. "Football is America's favorite sport, and with Eli, Shaun, Justin, Emmanuel and Brian representing such iconic and beloved teams; they are some of the best types of role models a child could have! Each of these athletes represent the values we share as an organization, to have a positive influence and impact on children and their communities. We loved the opportunity to partner with them and their families on this fun campaign. They embodied the winning spirit we want all of our customers to feel when they dress for life's most special moments and holidays."

Shaun Surveillance - Need Some Space

It's difficult to describe how it feels to be the only American completely off the planet at a time such as this. The feeling that I should be there with all of you, dealing with this, helping in some way, is overwhelming. I know that we are on the threshold (or beyond) of a terrible shift in the history of the world. Many things will never be the same again after September 11, 2001. Not just for the thousands and thousands of people directly affected by these horrendous acts of terrorism, but probably for all of us. We will find ourselves feeling differently about dozens of things, including probably space exploration, unfortunately.

What is less known to experts is what exactly Webworm is targeting with its hacking activity. Symantec researchers believe the group shares some code with a hacking group named Space Pirates that was first identified by security vendor Positive Technologies earlier this year. Positive Technologies reported the group was conducting cyberespionage attacks against government agencies as well as energy and aerospace companies in Russia, Georgia and Mongolia. 041b061a72


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