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How to Find Out the Model and History of Your Rossi Interarms Revolver

How to Find Out the Model and History of Your Rossi Interarms Revolver

If you own a Rossi Interarms revolver, you might be curious about its model and history. Rossi Interarms was a brand of Brazilian firearms that were imported and distributed by Interarms of Virginia in the United States from the 1970s to the 1990s. Rossi Interarms revolvers were popular for their affordability and reliability, and came in various calibers and barrel lengths. Some of the most common models were the 31, 68, 88, and the double action revolver with no model number.

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However, finding out the exact model and history of your Rossi Interarms revolver can be tricky, as there is no official database or website that provides this information. The serial number on the butt of the gun might not return a result on the Rossi USA website, which only covers newer models made by Taurus. The model number on the frame under the barrel might not match any of the known models listed in online forums or catalogs. And the date of manufacture might not be stamped on the gun at all.

So how can you find out more about your Rossi Interarms revolver? Here are some tips that might help:

  • Check the caliber and capacity of your revolver. This can narrow down the possible models that match your gun. For example, if your revolver is chambered in .38 Special and holds 5 rounds, it could be a model 68, 88, or a double action revolver with no model number.

  • Compare your revolver with pictures of known models online. You can use websites like,, or Wikipedia to see images of different Rossi Interarms revolvers and look for distinctive features that match yours. For example, if your revolver has a series of round circles on the cylinder release button, it is likely a model 68.

  • Contact Rossi USA customer service. You can call them at 229-210-2727 or 800-948-8029 and provide them with your serial number and any other details about your revolver. They might be able to tell you the model and history of your gun, or refer you to someone who can.

  • Contact a firearms expert or appraiser. You can also consult a local gun shop, a firearms museum, or an online appraiser who specializes in Rossi Interarms revolvers. They might be able to identify your gun and give you an estimate of its value and rarity.

By following these tips, you might be able to find out more about your Rossi Interarms revolver and appreciate its unique place in firearms history.

Rossi Interarms revolvers are part of the legacy of Amadeo Rossi, a Brazilian firearms manufacturer who founded his company in 1889. Rossi was one of the largest and most successful arms makers in Brazil, producing pistols, rifles, and shotguns for both civilian and military use. Rossi also exported his firearms worldwide, especially to the United States, where they were known for their quality and affordability.

In the 1970s, Rossi partnered with Interarms, a Virginia-based company that imported and distributed foreign firearms in the United States. Interarms was founded by Samuel Cummings, a former CIA agent who became the world's largest arms dealer. Interarms marketed Rossi's revolvers under the brand name Rossi Interarms, and sold them to various customers, including law enforcement agencies, gun collectors, and recreational shooters.

Rossi Interarms revolvers were well-received by the American public, who appreciated their simplicity, durability, and accuracy. They were also competitive in price, often costing less than similar models from other manufacturers. Some of the most popular Rossi Interarms revolvers were the 31, a 4-inch barrel .38 Special; the 68, a 2 or 3-inch barrel .38 Special; the 88, a 2 or 3-inch barrel .38 Special with stainless steel finish; and the double action revolver with no model number, a 3 or 6-inch barrel .38 Special with blued or nickel finish.

However, in the 1990s, Rossi Interarms revolvers were discontinued, as Interarms went out of business and Rossi was acquired by Taurus, another Brazilian firearms manufacturer. Taurus continued to produce some of Rossi's models under its own name, but also introduced new models with different features and designs. Rossi Interarms revolvers became collector's items, as they were no longer available in the market. e0e6b7cb5c


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