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Nesian Nine Beautiful

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Nesian Nine Beautiful

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The climate of the frigid zones is very cold; the winter lasting nine months. The fine fruits, flowers, and trees of the temperate zones cannot live there. The principal growth is that of shrubs and moss, and the hardy kind of firs.

The lake region also abounds in every variety of beautiful scenery; from the mingled grandeur and beauty of Niagara to the charm and loveliness thrown around the rich and delightful lands of Minnesota, where little lakelets are scattered among the hills and valleys like gems, only more precious and fair.

Coal is almost as extensively provided over the earth's surfaceas iron. The Belgian mines yield nearly nine million tons every year. America takes the first rank in abundance of supply, excellence of quality, and readiness of access to coal measures.

Tockoa Falls are in the State of Georgia, at Cunawhee Mountain, where the creek flows over a precipice 187 feet high; the creek is usually but twenty feet wide, but when swelled by rains, it presents a large body of water in an unbroken cascade, and is very beautiful.

These islands abound in beautiful lakes, and fine scenery adorned with old ruins of churches and castles of former days; which are the more interesting because they are associated with those giant minds and noble hearts, whose endurance, fortitude, and piety have made the Anglo-Saxon race what it is.

NORWICH, on the Wensum, 18 miles west of Yarmouth, is noted for its manufactures of crape, bombazines, and horsehair fabrics; also, for its beautiful cathedral. CAMBRIDGE and OXFORD are celebrated for their universities.

DUMFRIES is the great market for the agricultural produce of Southern Scotland, which is thence exported to England. It is noted for its cemetery, which contains a great number of beautiful monuments; among these, is a mausoleum over the mortal remains of the poet Burns.

The traveller is conveyed from Dublin to Holyhead, a distance of 70 miles, by a swift, steam-packet in about four hours; thence by railway across the island of Anglesea, the Menai Strait, Wales, and England, to London, in nine hours: the whole distance between the two cities, amounting to 330 miles, being thus traversed in the short space of 13 hours.

The general aspect of the city, when approached by water, is exceedingly beautiful; but it is found, on examination, to consist of a perfect labyrinth of narrow, winding, steep, and dirty streets. The houses are generally built of wood, and present dead walls to the street; light and air being derived from interior court-yards.

The soil is rich and the climate mild and salubrious. The productions are similar to those of Spain. The vine is especially characteristic of the northern provinces, as are the olive, orange, citron, and other fruits of the southern. Iron-oreis abundant; and this country (like Spain) abounds in beautiful marbles and building stones.

The chief characteristics of the surface of Switzerland are its towering mountains and vast glaciers; its beautiful lakes and smiling valleys; and its numerous Alpine streams and glittering water-falls.

The Sandwich Islands are an interesting group, and the natives have been chiefly converted to Christianity by missionaries. The people have adopted many of the arts of civilized life, and appear to be very happy. Other missionaries have also been successful in introducing true religion, and the arts of peace, among the natives of other groups of the Poly-nesian Islands.

The dome is canopied with Damascus silks, of great value and gorgeous colours. The pillars, ceilings, and floors are of various kinds of the most beautiful and rare marble, porphyry, &c. It is supposed that the Ark of the Covenant is concealed in an arch under this church. The Jews and the Freemasons have traditions to this effect.

The soil is fertile, with rich pasturage and magnificent forests; but the climate is hot and unhealthy, particularly on the coasts. The forests contain a variety of beautiful and useful trees, among which is a wild fig-tree, yielding a milky juice, which thickens into an elastic gum. Of this the natives make flambeaux for various purposes, but particularly for fishing during the night. The raven, a species of palm-tree, is peculiar to this island. The wood serves for planks; the ribs of the leaves are used for partition walls; with the leaves the people thatch their dwellings, or make plates and other dishes; the top part of the tree, which is a kind of cabbage, serves as an article of food, and its flowers afford a gummy substance, somewhat resembling honey.

The island of St. Helena, unimportant in itself, is for everrendered celebrated by its being the prison of Napoleon, Emperor of France, after his abdication, and also the place of his death. He was banished to that island in 1815, and, after six years' imprisonment, expired there in 1821. The body of Napoleon, after lying in a humble grave near his prison-house for nineteen years, was carried to France in 1840, and buried by his countrymen with great pomp and solemnity. This island belongs to the British.

Tobacco, cotton, sugar, coffee, and various kinds of fruits, are produced. Many varieties of hard-wood trees, such as mahogany, cedar, ebony, &c., are to be met with in the mountain districts. Amphibious animals, such as are usually found in tropical climes, and birds of beautiful plumage, are numerous, while the coasts swarm with fish.

A short distance above the spot where the Montmorency discharges itself into the St. Lawrence, are the celebrated and beautiful Falls of Montmorency. The Montmorency is a small river, which, in its onward course to join the St. Lawrence, descends a precipice of about 250 feet.

Columbia, the capital, is beautifully ornamented with numerous trees. The site of the city is considerably elevated, affording extensive views of the surrounding country, which is chiefly a cotton and corn region, in the highest state of culture. The South Carolina College is located at this place.

Milledgeville, the capital, is built on elevated ground, surrounded by a beautiful and fertile cotton country, and is the centre of a considerable trade. The State House and StateArsenal situated in State House Square, near the centre of the city, are the prominent public buildings.

NATCHEZ, the most populous and commercial city of the state, is situated on a bluff, about 200 feet in height, on the east bank of the Mississippi River. Many of the houses, though built of wood, present an elegant appearance, having piazzas and balconies, and surrounded by beautiful gardens and orange groves. Cotton is the article of export.

The surface, north of the Missouri, is mostly level or undulating, sometimes rising into picturesque hills, then stretching away into a vast sea of prairies, and here and there interspersed with beautiful shady groves. South of the river the surface is hilly and mountainous, except in the south-east, where it is low and marshy.

Portsmouth, the only seaport of New Hampshire, is built on a beautiful peninsula formed by the river, and is connected by bridges with Kittery in Maine. There is a United Statesnavy yard on an island in the Piscataqua, opposite Portsmouth.

The Green Mountain Range enters Massachusetts from Vermont, and forms two ridges which run parallel to each other southwardly into Connecticut. The state abounds in picturesque scenery. The view of the Connecticut River and Valley, from Mount Holyoke, is beautiful.

The Battery, an open space of about 10 acres, beautifully shaded with trees, is situated at the southern extremity of the city, directly in front of the harbour. From this park extends Broadway, an avenue of business and a fashionable promenade. On this street, about three-quarters of a mile from the Battery, is the Park, an enclosure of about ten acres. In the centre of the Park stands the City Hall, a handsome edifice of white marble. Several other parks ornament the city.

CINCINNATI, the most populous city of the Western States, and the commercial metropolis of Ohio, is located in a beautiful valley, surrounded by hills. It is distinguished for its manufactures, commerce, and its literary and benevolent institutions.

Vineyards are extensively cultivated in the vicinity of the city, and the wine produced is good. A short distance from the city are two beautiful villages, containing the country-seats of persons doing business in the city.

The greater part of the state is a table-land from 300 to 800 feet above the level of the Gulf of Mexico, sloping toward the south, as the course of the rivers indicates. The surface abounds in large and fertile prairies, which are here and there skirted with wood. These prairies are gently undulating, and decked with beautiful wild flowers of almost every hue.

Among the most remarkable curiosities are the hot sulphur springs, situated about ninety miles north of Benicia. They are from one to nine feet in diameter, and constantly eject water, in a boiling state, to the height of ten or fifteen feet.


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