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Wesley Gomez
Wesley Gomez

Heroclix Maps Download Free

Using these Virtual Tabletops, Gamemasters can setup maps and encounters ahead of time, saving a lot of time and headache at game time. GMs can either create their own maps within the software (in some cases), or they can download maps, tokens, and objects from sites like this one. Objects can be placed, resized, and hidden if needed. Tokens can be assigned to Player Characters, Non-Player Characters (NPCs), and Monsters. Then when needed, the GM can move the tokens and objects in response to player actions or events.

Heroclix Maps Download Free

Developers of HeroClix Online, the digital transliteration of the popular turn-based collectible miniatures game, have made collecting, creating a force and joining the battle easier than ever. Beginning today, all new players will enjoy instant access to the online game and account creation, with a free download. In addition, all new and existing accounts will receive a free WizKids Original Starter Set to get started building their force.


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